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Top 10 documentaries

I am the Jedi master

I am the wise one 

The enlightened knight of wisdom

I have acknowledged my limitlessness 

Truth seek we should ! 

This wasn't the case always, some times ago my consciousness was limited and I was living in a reality which was manipulated so invisibly that I didn't even notice anything. 

I started watching documentaries for fun. One documentary led me to another and now 65 days later I have watched 125 hours of documentaries and absorbed the wisdoms I learned from them. I have made own notes and investigated how reliable the information has been. 

Most of the documentaries were average and it's good that I saw them, but something was missing. In some cases there was incredible information in documentaries which were made really badly. I regret none of the documentaries to have seen. There are special documentaries which make a great impact on you and they have been also made really professionally, I'll present my Top 10 now. 

Top 10 

1. Propaganda, 1h 37min

NORTH KOREAN documentary film which shows how the North Koreans see the western world. The film was so interesting and well made that it's my absolute favourite of all the documentaries. You will be amazed about this film, I recommend highly to watch it and afterwards investigate the information. Rumours tell that this movie was smuggled from North Korea to be spread over the world. 

2. Inside LSD, 45min

This interesting documentary is about LSD, how it was accidentally created, how it was successfully used to treat mental illnesses and what lead it to be illegalized. I liked how this documentary was made and how it made me feel while I watched it.

3. Zeitgeist The Movie, 2h

Peter Joseph's famous movie introduces the Christ myth theory and a lot of conspiracy theories. The media and economical system are also viewed and different theories are given what's happening in our world behind our vision. Visually amazing for a documentary and the whole movie contains so much diverse and interesting information

4. Inside Job, 1h 45min

2010 made award winning documentary about the 2008 financial crisis and the causes behind it. This revealed me a lot of things I didn't know. That time I knew were little about economic and even the fact that nations don't print their money was a surprise to me. This movie contains a lot of good information and it's good if you already understand the basics about the system.

5. The Union The Business Getting High, 1h 44min

2007 made movie by the Canadian Brett Harvey about the illegal marijuana trade industry. They tell some interesting history about marijuana and hemp and some of the facts are just really surprizing. Joe Rogan and lot of other cool people are interviewed in the film and I enjoyed watching this a lot.

6. The Untold Story of Psychotropic Drugging, 1h 35min

2008 made American documentary about the industry in psychotropic drugs and how psychiatrists prescribe them so much and the horrible causes of this phenomenon to medicate and treat every person with drugs. I couldn't believe everything I heard first, there were a lot of sick stories about people whose lives had been destroyed by psychotropic drugs.

7. What In The World Are They Spraying, 1h 37min

This movie presented the investigation into all aspects of the phenomonen of chemtrails. That means the chemicals that are released from planes to alter weather somehow. If the data in the movie can be verified 100% we everyone should be a bit concerned. This movie caused frustration and after seeing a lot of other movies it's just hard to believe that our kids or grandkids can ever live a good life freely.

8. Global Warming or Global Governance, 1h 22min

This great documentary questions global warming and investigates the facts given in Al Gore's movie An Inconvenient Truth and the IPCC raport about global warming. A lot of proofs are shown how misleading facts we have been given. A couple of decades ago people warned about the ice age and now the same people warn about global warming and they profit a lot of money with it, like Al Gore.

9. The Diamond Empire, 1h 42min

The 1994 made movie about women's best friends: diamonds. The history of diamonds is presented and how it has become the status it has today. The role of Hollywood to create images of rare and glamorous stones which are forever. It was showed how the Oppenheimers got the monopoly on diamonds with their company Anglo American (owns DeBeers). It's good if you have seen also the movie Blood Diamonds, then you have some kind of picture about diamonds.

10. World According to Monsanto, 1h 49min

The French 2008 finished movie shows the actions of Monsanto which were quite disturbing. Monsanto is an agricultural biotechnology corporation. It has a leading role making genetically engineered seeds and herbicides. Monsantos products have caused a lot of law suits around the world and the this company doesn't care about people's health, they care about profits. You should absolutely watch this one ! 

These documentaries are about different topics and it's important to get knowledge how there's a connection between everything. These 10 various documentaries give so much information and when you have seen these it's a good point to start building your knowledge about different areas of our society.

So start learning

share the knowledge

use the information to make a difference

become a jedi master

join the other jedi masters

create a whole legion 

don't fall in the dark side 



Welcome to the Imaginationland 

Imaginaaaaation Imaginaaatioon 
Imaginaaation Imaginaaaation 

I like South Park ! One of my favourite episodes was the "Imaginationland" trilogy. The whole idea was crazy, they found a portal to the imaginationland and then weird things started to happen. The terrorists and the american army were also involved and an epic battle over taking control over Imaginationland. A land which was a creation of the people's imagination. These all events started with Eric Cartman's search for leprechauns. 

I started to wonder, could you create a country out of nothing. Wouldn't that be cool if you and your friends could just decide to pick an area and create your own country. You could rule all the things there and make your own rules.
First of course you could explore the whole world and choose the best option. I mean it couldn't be any place if you can choose whatever you want.
How stupid would it be to create your own country in a place where you can't live while it's too hot or cold, or there are only mountains or the place just sucks and is far away from everything. 

Well guess what ? You're a lucky reader, this is the create-your-own-imaginationland post ! This ambitious goal has been succeeded before, the current state of Israel is the best known imaginationland currently.
We'll see who creates the next one, but who knows maybe it's YOU. The Palestinians lived over 1300 years in the region before they were started to be wiped out stage-by-stage which continues still these days there.

The ingredients to create an imaginationland and transform it physically in reality are these: 

An ambitious person who has visions and good imagination 

A couple of friends who have enormously power and money

Catastrophes like tsunamis, earth quakes or world war ! 

Imaginative books with mythologies which have "foretold" 
that the certain land belongs to you and your friends 

Hmm, yeah.. I think that's the minimum you need to create your own country. In the case of Israel this ambitious person to push forward the plan was a zionist called Theodor Herzl. The powerful people were big politicians and bankers in USA and Europe.
The creation was going on during First and Second World War and 1948 Israel was already an independent country. The Torah was the holy book of judaism and it stated that Israel was the holy country of the jew. It wasn't mentioned exactly where Israel should be... There wasn't any coordinates given, that was quite good. You could decide where to create Israel. 

There were a lot of good suggestions actually were they should have created it. It seemed like everyone had their own opinion where Israel should be situated. I think it's a shame that there weren't any televisions in the early 1900s and especially reality shows.
Imagine how entertaining it would have been to set up a reality show where the best suggestions would be made and then the audience could vote for the best option or there would be professionals to judge and make the decisions like in Idols.
How entertaining is that, when you have judges with personality equivalent to Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul, Randy and others who are legends in our reality shows. Only in this programme they would create a country from thin air.

So here we go, here are the contestants that competed over being Israel. 

1. USA, Alaska and Grand Island. Grand Island in the Niagara river is the Ararat City plan. 1825 Mordecai Manuel Noah wanted to found a Jewish homeland at Grand Island. He called it Ararat after Mount Ararat, the biblical resting place of Noah's Ark. He erected a monument there which read "Ararat, a City of Refuge for the Jews". The other plan in USA was Alaska for jewish settlement. The Slattery Report offered the area of Sitka in Alaska by F. Roosevelts secretary of the interior Harold L. Ickes.

2. Kenya, the British Uganda program. This idea was introduced 1903 in the annually held Zionist Congress. The offer was made by British Colonial Secretary Joseph Chamberlain. He offered 13 000 square miles of the Mau Plateau which is today Kenya. There was a fierce debate and some went to inspect the area, but there were lions and other dangerous creatures so the offer was declined. They wanted a better land.

3. USSR, there were various places offered from the Soviet Union. Komzet, Birobidzhan, Khabarovsk, Ukraine. A lot of places were offered to be set for the Jews to have their own region. Most of them were so far away and in so harsh conditions that the plans didn't advance.

4. Madagascar, on of my favourites The Madagascar plan. This was a plan suggested by the Third Reich government of Nazi Germany. They wanted all the Jews out of Europe to Africa or some other colony. They were quite serious with their plans but in the end it wasn't succeeded.

5. Guyana, In March 1940 the issue of an alternative Jewish Homeland was raised. Present Guyana the former British Guiana was discussed as an option then. But the British Government thought the issue was too problematical and the decision has to be thought in the future more.

6. Australia, there were 2 plans considering Australia. Isaac Nachman Steinberg had the Kimberley Plan to resettle Jewish refugees in the Kimberley region but it was failed. Later there was a plan to offer the Jews Northern Australia as their Jewish State. This area is the current Northern Territory. It was the year 1933 then. The US had a better suggestion and offered Palestine roughly the same time.

7. Cypros, In the early 20th century Theodor Herzl proposed Cyprus and El Arish on the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt as a site for Jewish settlement. The environment was quite good and also the location. Aren't those the most important things you consider when buying a house ? Not bad idea, and not far from the final decision Palestine.

8. Albania, In 1935 British Zionist journalist Leo Alton traveled to Albania at his own initiative to see if it would be possible to establish a Jewish nation there.

9. Japan, Rabbi Marvin Tokayer and Mary Swartz published a book called The Fugu Plan in 1979. In this partly fictionalized book they tell about the different plans before and during the WW2 to create jewish settlements to Japan.

10. Argentina and Chile, the Andinia plan suggested the areas of these countries. It was said to be extreme right-wing idea but no real evidence exist, so it might be only a conspiracy theory. But not a bad idea, the area is pretty good.

My comments if I was a judge picking the area for Israel: 

Alaska doesn't sound good, it's too cold and far away. Any other American state isn't good either, there's no space either, they have only 50 states.
So there's no space for a Jewish territory. Madagascar and Kenya are exotic and the nature is beautiful. Soviet Union, no no no.
Guyana, well that's next to Venezuela we could rob their oil. This is a really potential idea. Australia is far away from everyone, but I like the idea of Israel being in Australia and speaking laid back like the aussies. Japan is good also to influence on Asia, but something's missing. South America, I wouldn't do that. Too many bolivarians breathing behind me.
Actually I think Palestine is much better place than these.

I mean it has been ridiculously easy to wipe out the palestinians. Taking all their land away in front of the whole world and even killing them has been sooo easy because nobody seems to care about it. In the end the biggest western countries support Israel, incredible. Who else could succeed in a megalomanic plan like this.
But all you living in the places that were considered to be Israel...  if you're kenian, south american, north american, albanian, australian, madagascarian or where ever ... IMAGINE your life in the alternative reality of the world where your country has been transformed to Israel.

How do you feel ? The country your family has owned hundreds of years is taken, your grandfather's shop is destroyed in a bombing, your family's house which your dad built is destroyed or the new settlers take it and live there themselves.

People out of nowhere claim they own everything and you have to abandon your country to another country. Or if you're lucky you can live in a refugee camp where conditions are bad. If you have children they are kidnapped or killed, still no country in the world helps you.
You are totally alone, no one has the courage to help you. You remember past times when you were succesful, had a good job or business.

There were enough food, even too much, you had hobbies, friends, a great family. Well that's the past, now you should be happy to get even food. If you dare to fight against the force who took the land of your people... you're a terrorist.
The most angering thing is, the people who took your land ask: Why do you hate us ? Why are you so angry and fighting us ?

This is not fiction. This is real life, that happens every single day in Israel. The Palestinian areas are shrinking all the time until there is no Palestine. I would say 95% Israeli people are innocent and don't even won't this to happen. The media is controlled by big forces and propaganda is used to make people ignorant in the world, that makes these absurt things to happen.

But imagine, the same might be happening to you in an alternative reality NOW


Birthday year 2013


Happy birthday to you 

Happy birthday to youuu

Haaaaaapppy birthdayyyyyy deeeaaaaaarrr 



This is an imaginative speach from the alternative future which I hope won't happen

Ladies and gentlemen, I welcome you here in the birth place of the beloved 

trouble child of the financial and banking world. Today we celebrate the 100th 

Birthday of The one and only:    Federal Reserve 

Congratulations !! To be honest I never imagined you would live so long.

100 years is a long time, you were maybe the most wanted child ever if you knew it.

Your parents wanted you sooo much that thinking about it makes me feel so touched. 

You were a child desired to born for over 100 years before your birth. Already in the years 

1791-1811 they tried to create a central bank like you. Your older brother was only 20 years

old when president Madison ended his life. Luckily he corrected his error and allowed your

second older brother to be born 1816. Unluckily the bad and mean Andrew Jackson ended 

his life in 1836. So these were the two big brothers you had, their names were 

First bank of the United States and Second bank of the United States. 

Yeah yeah.. I know, quite unimaginative names. But shame on that Andrew Jackson, 

he's still the only president who paid the national debt completely.

Your parents didn't want to give up, during the free banking era they wanted you so much

that they even purposely created crisis to allow create you. That's what I call dedication !

1910 in Jekyll Island your mighty parents decided to give birth to you, and they planned 

how this would be done. For your luck, they were so rich and powerful the plans were fulfilled

in only 3 years. In the year 1913 one of your parents Woodrow Wilson declared the birth 

of the Federal Reserve and it was 23th of december. Your parents had 2 christmases. 

First in the 23th day and then the 24th day. Unluckily all of your parents weren't that 

happy as you grew and grew bigger. One of your many fathers W. Wilson had obviously

post traumatic stress after giving birth to you and started to regret your birth.

Quite dramatic.

Luckily your other fathers cared and loved you and you were their favourite child ever. 

In fact, your fathers were the mightiest people in the earth with an enormous wealth. 

As a child you surely thought what was your purpose in our chaotic and complex world ?

Publicly they said you were created to our world to stabilize prices, prevent inflation and deflation

strengthen U.S economy in the world economy and bring stability and peace financial system. 

What your fathers didn't want anyone to know ? 

You were a child who was planned to be abused. Your greedy fathers wanted you to bring 

them money from the people. To steal the wealth in an invisible way from the poor and be 

get richer all the time. As you printed the money for the nation, the nation had to pay later

the same amount of money + interest. That means the nation will never be debtless. 

This is the main reason your fathers loved you so much, you made them even richer and

even more powerful. You were the tool for them to take the grip of the whole world's 

financial system.

I think now has come the time for you Federal Reserve, to consider 

about your past 100 years of existence. You have already lived much much longer than 

your 2 big brothers who lived only 20 years each. Isn't it better stop somewhere ? 

Your goals haven't been established and you're taking the world with you to the 

edge of the economical suicide. You're so old that the resurrections take billions 

and still your condition is worsening. Your like a badly build building collapsing any

time ! Actually a domino building which will collapse the world's other big buildings

in a domino effect. Shouldn't we let the nations print their money for their people

and not your already rich fathers ? You haven't stabilized anything, there are still 

recessions, you haven't prevented inflation ! In fact the dollar has lost over 90%

of its value in over 50 years.

You haven't stabilizes U.S or world economy, you

have made the opposite. The resurrection actions grow bigger and bigger and I 

would say it's 100% you will die. The later this time comes, the more painful it gets

for all of us. Already the nation's hero and media's favourite and nobel prize winning 

president Barack Obama has had to increase the debt during his 1th season as a

president from 10 trillion to 16 trillion during 2008-2012 time period. It seems like

you are not wanting to go to the grave, and if you are, you will take the EU with you.

As bad as this sounds, I hope I'll be giving my next speech in your funeral and not in a birthday.

To those who don't know still what I'm talking about, Federal Reserve is a partly private partly state owned central bank. In USA the Federal Reserve is the one who creates all the money people use. 
From thin air it creates the money and lends it to the state. 
In return the state gives bonds to Federal Reserve for the money. Later the state has to pay back the original sum of money + interest. So the state won't ever be debtless in 
this system. Federal Reserve is owned by big banks and big banks are owned by wealthy and powerful banker families. So finally all the money flow to their pockets. They have the privilege to create the nation's money and this gives them a grip over the whole nation. Only 3% of the created money exists physically, 97% exist digitally in bank accounts. 
This year Federal Reserve is going to be 100 years old and it hasn't solved any problems that it was ment to solve.