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Boring Job KILLS

Boring and monotonic job decreases your life span ! 

The funniest part is that I'm not even joking. I could say this is one mayor cause dying much earlier than your genes would allow you in your fullest potential. 

How I discovered it ? 

During last years I have subconsciously marked that famous and important people throughout the history have lived extremely long for their time when health care, medicines and living environments haven't been that developed. 

I read the book "A Short History of Nearly Everything" last week and I noticed how nearly all the biggest scientists have lived incredibly long and it didn't even matter at what century they lived in. I collected all the names and I started to wonder how is this possible... that guy shouldn't have lived that long ! didn't people die at 30-40 at the Middle Ages ? 

What proof do I have ? 

Psychology and neuroscience give the answer ! The human brain is created for learning, constant learning. Huuuge amounts of new information is handled in the brain in the first 1 year when you have appeared to the world. You learn crawling, walking, running, talking and a lot of other things. The first 6 years you learn every day something new. 

Then you start school and you learn between 7-18 everything about the world. Also a lot of things that you don't need anywhere. But the thing is that your brain enjoys this time extremely. You learn reading, writing, counting and about social skills. The information flood is big, but it has also decreased from what it was when you were 0-6 years old. 

After high school or college or whatever else you start working ! Soooo what happens now ? In our society where people are made to specialize in certain tasks there's a high risk that your job is sooo f%¤king boring. You have learned all the skills you need after 1 week. Your brain doesn't like this. 

When this continues long it's going to be a problem. You stay in your monotonic job maybe 30-40 years in worst cases and you might even end up hating it. What does this cause ? Your brain doesn't get any new stimuli, NO NEW SKILLS, NO NEW ENVIRONMENTS, NO NEW CHALLENGES. You start having ROUTINE ! Routine is the biggest swear word for the brains. You might live in the same city where you have lived your whole life, you have the boring job but you are afraid quiting, FEAR makes you continue this SHIT. 

Stress and life without any challenges or changes has its cause. Through long-term stress your immunological system weakens and you get ill easier, you have negative thoughts about your life and you start feeling even worse. After a couple of years you think this is normal ! 

Being sick every once and a while, having constant stress, using many times a month prescription drugs, not liking your job is NOT NORMAL. 

What should I do ? 

Quit the job you don't like, immediately. Do what you like the most. Move somewhere else and start everything from beginning. Try new sports and foods. 

My theory why important people in the history have lived so long is that they have been so passionate about their work and loved it so much that they would have done the work even without getting paid. Many of the scientist actually did so. They challenged themselves and their work was their life ! They had found the meaning of their life. They met new people, made incredible discoveries, traveled around the world. These are all things that keep the brain active and when your brain is active and used a lot it doesn't age so fast. There's not so much degradation between the neurons and their synapses'. 

My list about the big scientists who lived long 

Nikolaus Kopernikus 70 years (1473)     invented heliocentric model of our universe
Galileo Galilei 77 years (1564)                astronomer, defended heliocentric model
William Harvey 79 years (1578)              first who described the human blood circulation
Isaac Newton 84 years (1642)                father of modern physics "Principia"
Daniel Bernoulli 82 years (1700)             famous physicist
Benjamin Franklin 84 years (1706)          inventor and multitalent, Franklin's picture is in the 100$ bill
Henry Cavendish 79 years (1731)           discovery of hydrogen and measured earth's density
John Dalton 77 years (1766)                   found atoms
Carl Gauss 77 years (1777)                    mathematician and scientist, gaussian distribution !
Michael Faraday 76 years (1791)           phycisist in the field of electromagnetism
Charles Lyell 78 years (1797)                 father of geology with his book "Principles of Geology"
Charles Darwin 73 years (1809)             father of the evolution theory
Louis Pasteur 83 years (1822)                chemist and microbiologist
Lord Kelvin 83 years (1824)                  physicist and engineer
Dmitri Mendelejev 73 years (1834)         invented the periodic table in chemistry
Thomas Edison 84 years (1847)              inventor and businessman
Ivan Pavlov 87 years (1849)                    creator of classical conditioning
Nicola Tesla 87 years (1856)                   inventor, maybe the greatest inventor of all times !
Sigmund Freud 83 years (1856)               created psychoanalysis
Max Planck 89 years (1858)                    theoretical physicist who originated quantum theory
Albert Einstein 76 years (1879)                theoretical physicist, greatest physicist of all times !
Niels Bohr 77 years (1885)                      physicist who understood the atomic structure
Edward Bernays 104 years (1891)           psychologist, father of PR, public relations
Francis Crick 88 years (1916)                  found DNA structure
Maurice Wilkins 88 years (1916)              found DNA structure
James Watson 84 years (1928)                 found DNA structure

These were the biggest scientists only ! I have found also in the other fields also people who have lived long lives even in our standards. The famous people in literature, politics, economics and many others you can find these people who have changed the world and lived a long life.

That's because they did what they loved the most and lived an exciting life. They lived in the moment and enjoyed what they did. Are you enjoying your every single day whether you're at work or not. Do you think you can proudly watch behind when you retire and believe that you have made a good job and spent your time leaving something for the future generations because of your hard work ?

What you think, what you see, hear and feel in your life effects your brain. Think about your environment. Is it the best environment you want to raise your brain ? I found out that mine is not... I changed my whole life and future and started building the best environment for myself. This can bring me 10-20 years of more healthy life if I continue developing my brain and controlling my environment. 

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  1. Right, totally true! Wasn't there an island somewhere in Japan where lots of people live over 100 years?

  2. jee, Physics, like Earth circling Sun at 1600 km/s or is it Space racing past Earth.