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Who owns the Finnish Media ?

      The answer is, the Fantastic Four own the finnish media ! 

Before I thought the finnish media is versatile and that there are a lot of different owners because there are so many different TV-channels and radio-channels. In my mind every TV-channel or radio-station that had different names should have to belong to different owners... I mean they are rivals in the tv, they compete who gets most viewers, shouldn't their owners be also like that ?

              The truth is that 4 media corporations control the whole media in Finland. 

          I will introduce all the "Fantastic Four" corporations of the finnish media one by one.

 The consumer media consist of newspapers, magazines, tv-channels, radio-channels and websites

Let's examine the tv-channels presented in Finland and who own them. There are 15 free channels
available digitally for all the people. I present their channel number, name and owner.

  1. Yle TV1, owner Yleisradio OY
  2. Yle TV2, owner Yleisradio OY
  3. MTV3, owner Bonnier group through MTV Media Oyj
  4. Nelonen, owner Sanoma Oyj through Nelonen Media
  5. Yle Fem, owner Yleisradio OY
  6. Sub, owner Bonnier group through MTV Media Oyj
  7. Yle Teema, owner Yleisradio OY
  8. Liv, owner Sanoma Oyj through Nelonen Media
  9. Jim, owner Sanoma Oyj through Nelonen Media
  10. TV5, owner ProSiebenSat.1 Media AG
  11. Kutonen, owner ProSiebenSat.1 Media Ag
  12. FOX,  owner Fox internatiol channels Nordic
  13. AVA,  owner Bonnier group through MTV Media Oyj
  14. Iskelmä/Harju & Pöntinen, ProSiebenSat. 1 Media AG through SBS Finland
    18. Estradi,  First State Investments (FIS) through Digita

From the following list we find 3 of our Fantastic Four. 
Yleisradio Oy owns 4/15
Sanoma Oyj owns 3/15 and
Bonnier Group owns 3/15 of the free channels.
Together that means 10/15 channels.

3/15 was owned by ProSiebenSat1 Media Ag which is a hugeGerman media concerne in Europe. 1/15 was owned by Fox which is one of the biggest media corporations in the world, it is American.  First State Investments is an australian investment corporation and it owned 1 channel "Estradi" through Digita which it owns.

Conclusion: 6 media corporations own 15 free channels and 2/6 is purely finnish owned, that means 7/15 channels. 

Digita was formerly owned by Yle. Digita has a perfect monopoly on distributing and operating the whole television and radio broadcasting. The channels have to pay Digita for having their programmes broadcasted. Digita owns the broadcasting antennas and stations. !!!!!

                     The finnish media's Fantastic Four

1. Sanoma Oyj

History: The Mister Fantastic who leads the finnish media in front of the public.
Founded in 1889 when it was called Päivälehti. Later when it became Sanoma it merged in 1999 with WSOY, Helsinki Media and Devarda to Sanoma Wsoy. The concern changed their name to Sanoma Oyj in 2008.
Operations in over 20 european countries in different medias.
Number one magazine distributor in Holland, Belgium, Russia and Finland. Biggest owner with 23% of the shares is Jane and Aatos Erkko Foundation. In the picture above Aatos Erkko. A little detail hasn't been much spoken that Aatos Erkko as a jewish.

Business: Sold R-Kioski to norwegian Reitan Servicehandel in 2012. Sanoma owns Nelonen Media which bought Metroradio Finland Oy which owns many radio and tv-channels. 2010 sold their Welho-cabelnetwork operator for DNA. 2011 sold Finnkino to swedish Ratos.

In Finland Sanoma owns:

Nelonen Media
Metroradio Finland Oy
Metro FM
Groove FM
Radio Suomi Pop
Radio Rock
Radio Aalto
Nelonen HD
Nelonen Kino
Nelonen Pro 1
Nelonen Pro 2
Nelnen maailma
Helsingin Sanomat

2. Bonnier Group

History: Bonnier Group could as well be the leader Mister Fantastic but it's the Invisible Woman of th finnish media. This is because it has become invisible to the big public and hides behind the daughter companies like MTV Media Oy, Tammi, Wsoy, FS Film  and lots of others. Gerhard Bonnier founded the company in 1804 and still the Bonnier family owns the company. It was founded in Denmark but later Gerhards offspring moved to Sweden and has been since those times in Sweden. The Bonnier family is like Erkko family and lots of other media owner families Jews by their religion.

Business: 2007 agreed to acquire 18 magazines that Time inc was getting rid off. Owns a lot of biggest swedish magazines and also some danish magazines. Owns 175 companies which are operating in more than 20 countries and their products are books, magazines, newspapers, television, cinema, film production and radio.

In Finland Bonnier Group owns: 

Bonnier Publications OY
Nordic Broadcasting OY
FS Film
MTV Media Oy
MTV 3 Fakta
MTV3 Leffa
MTV 3 Juniori
MTV 3 Sarja
MTV 3 Komedia
MTV 3 Fakta XL
Canal + channels (in Finland there are 13 of them)
Radio Nova
Tieteen Kuvalehti
National Geographic Suomi
Kunto Plus
Tee Itse
Websites:, Helmi, Se Oikea, Kuvaboxi, Keventäjät, Topkani, Subject, Elixir,, Luukku, MTV3 store and download,,

3. Yleisradio OY

History: YLE is an aquivalent for The Thing in Fantastic Four. It is owned be the Finnish state. So like The Thing it is a big, powerful and steady media.
It was founded in 1926 and the company started broadcasting radio programmes. 1934 it was nationalized and the Finnish state took control over YLE. The name of the company and logo has changed many times in the whole history of the company.

Business: 15% of the whole budget is spent on their Yle Fem channel which broadcasts swedish programmes and has low numbers in viewers. Also has spent a lot of money for the "Musiikkitalo" project. 45,2% of the television viewers and 53% of radio listeners are reached with the media it owns.

In Finland Yleisradio OY owns: 

Yle 1
Yle 2
Yle Fem
Yle Teema
Yle Radio1
Yle Radio Suomi
Yle Puhe
Yle Extrem
Yle Vega
Yle Sápmi
Yle Mondo
Yle 3XM
Yle Klassinen
Yle Sat 1
Yle Sat 2
Yle Areena
Yle Elävä arkisto
Yle Tiede

 4. Alma Media Oy

 History: Alma Media Oy is the last of the Fantastic Four in the finnish media. It represents Human Torch. It has been focusing to newspapers, websites and magazines. So you can't see their power as easily but like fire you can feel the heat it causes with the influence it has.
Alma media is a result of a fusion with Aamulehti concern and MTV OY . It started functioning in 1998. The Aamulehti concern was a result of fusion with Tampereen kirjapaino OY and Uusi Suomi Oy in 1988.

Business: Bought 25% share of Infostud, which the british Daily Mail Group owned previously. Co-operating with Daily Mail has operations in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovakia, Denmark, Ukraine and Serbia. Bought 32,8% shar of Talentum Oyj in the year 2001. Their main source of business are the newspapers and website market places.

In Finland Alma Media owns: 

Lapin Kansa
Kainuun Sanomat
Pohjolan Sanomat
Satakunnan Kansa
Nearly 27 local and city newspapers

5. ProSiebenSat1.Media AG

In addition the these Fantastic Four I want to mention Prosiebensat1 also ! It owns SBS Broadcasting so ProSiebenSat is a huge corporation.
It owns:

Harju & Pöntinen
The Voice
Radio City


In media study there was through a gallup found out that in the year 2011 people use daily different medias 8 hours and 33 minutes !! TV 30%, Internet 25%, Radio 20%, Newspapers 6% and others 19%. There are a lot of good information and services in provided by these corporations which own the media and I also daily consume them. But when 90-95% of the whole media is owned by 4 different big corporations I wouldn't blindly rely on them.

Sources:   annual report  alma media history

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