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Big Brother 2013

                                        They are watching us 

You have probably heard and seen the tv-programme Big Brother, It's a reality game show which was created by John de Mol. The first season of Big Brother was aired 1999 in the Netherlands. 12-16 participants enter the big brother house and live there 3 months. They are isolated from the outside world and their every move can be seen with the cameras that record everything happening there. 

Who could ever predict that in 13 years the Big Brother has conquered the whole world and there has been a Big Brother show in all the continents and everyone knows the show. Actually it's not that big surprise when you think about it. People who are strangers to themselves are put in the same house and then viewers just wait what happens. What are they doing ? How are they handling the situation ? Who is going to be naked first ? Who will be popular and who not ? That's actually quite interesting and the idea is simple. They put people in a house and watch what happens, occasionally give them some orders too. 

How stupid one can be, to participate a show like that ! That's a comment many people think in their minds. Well the winner gets prize money, the contestants get "famous", they get experiences, they can see their own best and worst sides and develop themselves. 

"I wouldn't never ever ever reveal anything about my life !!!!! That's just stupid but I actually enjoy watching those silly people doing stupidities in front of the millions of viewers." (A thought in a BB-sceptics mind) 

All right then, now I'll go into the business. I have gathered a list ! It's a quite funny list :D After you have read it.... You might think "whatever", you might not believe it or you might freak out and move to a tribe living in a jungle without any technology. 

                            The Big Brother Technology List 2013 

1. RFID-chip 

RFID means Radio Frecuency Identification and the technology is used in different ways. For example you can track animals with RFID-chips and the chips must be inserted in the animal's body. Now the time has begun when RFID-chips are inserted into people. People have already taken chips for themselves in different parts of world. 

In Florida for example a family announced they had taken part to a test and took the chips because they wanted them for the sake of the family's security. A school in Texas put RFID chips in students' badges that they could track them to surveillance attendance on classes. RFIDs are wanted to put in passports and insert in people's hands. Then RFID-chip could be used to make payments and verify identity. The worst is that people can be tracked always where they are and where they are going. 

That's not going to happen !  .... Oh really ? The Healthcare bill "Obamacare" was decided 21.3.2010 and it says that 23.3.2013 everyone has to have a RFID chip OR tattoo. There are also plans to have them everywhere else in the world. 
NOTION: I couldn't myself verify 100% this data so I hope someone will find the answer, there are a lot of sources indigating that the RFID-chips are coming.

Someone's going to make good money with the chips. People have to pay themselves to insert the COMPULSORY chips. 

2. Blackbox 

In USA the blackboxes were taken in usage to surveillance cars. After 2015 is compulsory to install a blackbox called Event Data Recorder (EDR) to every cars used publically. 

In Europe the Veronica project which started in 2003 have studied the possibility to make compulsory 4 different blackboxes into automobiles. These are ADRD = Accident Data Recording Devices, EVI = Electronic Vehicle Identification, CDR = Crash Data Recorder and JDR = Journey Data Recorder. 

But why ? The biggest reason is our SAFETY. The authorities like police can monitor for speeding or other illegal actions, the insurance companies get valuable data and the actions of the cars' in crashes can be investigated better. Your entire route can be also investigated and they can find out where have you been and what have you done there. 

3. Surveillance cameras 

The Japanese company Hitachi is developing a great kind of videocamera. It's a videocamera which can detect and identify people while they are walking in the streets or anywhere in the sight. It can browse 36 million faces under a second from its database. But the face has to be maximally in a 30 degree angle and the pictures have to be 40x40 pixels of size. 

Well normal surveillance cameras are now used more than ever before especially in the streets of big cities. I have no confirmed data about this but I heard in a documentary that there are more surveillance cameras in the streets in England than in China. 

Why do every person walking on the street need to be identified ? ... Stupid question, of course for our SAFETY :D the good authorities want to catch the terrorists threatening us. So what a great idea, can't wait when all the bad guys are catched finally. I mean, they wouldn't use these to record where we are going and who we are meeting. Won't they.... ? 

4. WebCam 

WebCams are the best invention ever made to communicate with people far away. When given to teen girls they are also one of the biggest gifts for men in internet. Everyone loves to "mess around" with strangers using webcam if you know what I mean. 

Have you ever had the feeling.. the webcam is watching you ? You know you have shut down the webcam, if it's off no one sees you. But still, it looks like an eye that is staring you. What if.... What if someone still watches. 

Guess what ? It's possible. It's hard but possible. If you have clicked the wrong link, the link which contains malware to enable the person who has made the malware to spy on you. There was a case in Finland about a man who recorded at least 100 women through their webcams. My thought after reading that news "daaamn that guy might be a criminal... but he's my hero also". 

5. Microphone

Every laptop has its own microphone detached. For other computers people might use headphones to listen or talk in Skype. There's a microphone in the headphones. There's a way to spy someone's headphones. This has been also used but like the webcam spying, these two are extremely rare but it's good to know they are possible. 

Through microphones all the sounds and speech can be recorded. Imagine all the things you have talked near the computer, someone might have been listening to you. Don't you feel good to excite some No-Lifer's life with your gossip about the hottest guys in the class or how bit#h your friend is sometimes. 

6. Smart TV 

This isn't now a threat. But while the televisions are all the time more advanced and some are already connected to the internet. 

CIA has stated it can survey people through the domestic appliances which are connected to the internet. 

If the televisions will develop to the stage that they project picture but they project also things in front of them, then the TV would be a big webcam. 

If this is going to happen, it might be not revealed ever to the public. 
Think about that, you're not watching the TV anymore. 
The TV is watching you. Some secret service guy has a boring shift and decides to watch you just for entertainment and not for searching for the criminals. But I'm sure everything you do in front of the television can be televised because it would be so boring. 

For now, the Smart TV is just speculation remember that ! 

7. SmartPhones

Nowadays everyone has a smartphone and a profile in a social network. Many social network services have build a portal in their applications through which they gain information from the phone. If you download Facebook application for your smartphone it opens a passage for Facebook to your text messages according to The Sunday Times. Also Flickr, Badoo and Yahoo Messenger are said to have similar technique. 

One strange thing that they stated was that the internet companies can interrupt the calls AND Youtube for example could remotely have the access to your phone IF you are registered in Youtube and take photos and videos with it. There are hundreds of thousands of applications in the markets and no one reads the terms of use where the information about these actions are stated. The terms of use information is purposely so long that no one reads it, this is one example. 
Also when you call someone the authorities can freely listen to your phone calls. In the USA this is easy because after 9/11 new laws enabled any one to be listened because everyone could be a possible terrorist. In Finland it's possible thanks to Lex Nokia. 

8. Facebook and Google 

These are maybe the best spying tools ever made in the the history. One reason is because most of people would say I'm crazy, they are not spying tools. Yes they weren't originally made just for spying but also for a lot of beneficial things. 
Facebook has soon the first data centre in Europe. It will soon be ready in Sweden and the data centre serces probably all the european facebook users. The state of Sweden was 2 years ago enabled to examine all the internet traffic crossing Sweden. So the swedish electronic intelligence agency FRA can legally investigate any information in internet traffic crossing Sweden. The majority of finnish information in the internet goes through cables in Sweden, a little part across the sea will go through Estonia. 
Picture: Internet cables

Google collects all the data its users do. If your Gmail is open everything is recorded. Especially in America intelligence agencies build all the time more space where they gather the information from users around the whole world. The supercomputers collect in a great speed and they want to know everything about everyone. Everyone can be a threat. 
If you live in Finland the swedish FRA can read your e-mails and in the whole world there are intelligence agencies who can read private e-mails if a certain person is regarded suspicious. 

Why would someone for real spy where I surf in Internet, who cares ? Guess what, the big corporations. They care a lot. Google and Facebook and lots of others with them gather so much information and they can make huge amounts of money with the information. Big corporations crave to know your internet behaviour, what you are interested in. They want to direct just those products to you which they think you want. If you have surfed on surfing websites or talked about surfing or searched for surfing pictures some Surfboard companies would love to know that so that they could send you their advertisements of their products. 

It's a business of hundreds of millions really. A lot of money is put into advertising and marketing. Besides that the intelligence agencies can quietly gather information to get to know to you. 


Sooooo, I don't know who the fool really is. The people in Big Brother who know they are being watched OR the people who live in Big Brother without ever applying to it or even acknowledging that they are in Big Brother all the time. 
Still I don't think there's not a big risk for a regular guy to be monitored what he's doing. But if he's a marked man, I would be concerned

From my list 2/8 isn't at use currently, the Smart TV:s and the super high tech Surveillance cameras 
From my list 2/8 is partially in use and is in growing phase, the RFID and the Blackboxes 
From my list 4/8 can be used every single second NOW, The Webcam and microphones, smartphone and internet spying 

 The reality is this, if CIA or any intelligence agency wants maximally monitor your life, it is capable for the following: 

                                                       With RFID they know where you are
                                                          What you have bought and where 
                                                With blackboxes they know where your car is

                                    They know your whole driving route and your speed in all points

                                                These two combined they know who you met 

                                                          at what time and for how long 

                          With surveillance cameras they have video material where you are

                                                    In which shops or places you visited 
                                     With SmartPhone they can listen your phone calls 
                             read your text messages and record you with your own phone

                  With SmartTV:s they can watch you what you're doing in your own home

                                                    They see your friends, your family

                    They see you walking nude in your own home and doing ridiculous stuff

                               With WebCam and microphone they see and hear you

                                               while you're using your computer

                             With Internet they know all your e-mails, all the searches 

                                      in Google, all the messages in social networks

                                                        They know all 
Don't worry, this isn't true yet... Actually it's only 60-70% true and the percentage rises every day

Who is "They" ? I don't know. I hope it is a Big Brother, a caring and loving Big Brother thinking our best and acting like that. Taking the advantage of the technology to make good. End the injustice in the world. If I'm wrong and Big Brother is not looking for us... 
                                    It might be the Eye of Sauron who is looking for us. 


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