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Matrix Simulation

                                                        Read this story carefully through !

                                                        Day 1:  You are at home and bored
                                                   Day 2:  You get a great idea to get a hamster

                                          Day 3: You have a nice cage in your room for the hamster
                                         Day 7:  You want it to be happy so you get another hamster
                                                   Day 30:  They mate and have small hamsters

                              Day 31:  So you have now a little hamster family living in the cage in your room

                                       Day 32: You're happy having a 10 membered hamster 
                                         family and you feed and play with them after school

                                Day 60: You notice you have 60 hamsters which is way too much
                         Day 61: You don't want to kill any of them and you think what you can do

                              Day 62: Your friend comes to help you build a huge outdoor cage

                            Day 90: Your hamsters have settled in the outdoor cage and live a happy
                                     and abundant life with enough food, water and space

                         Day 91: As a science project for school you have been documenting the family
                                tree of your hamsters and have exact data about the different bloodlines
                                           Your hamster family has expanded to 200 individuals

                                  Day 100: You observe how the hamsters have developed.
                                  They are smarter and seem to have started to communicate
                                         more and more with each others and co-operate

                                    Day 110: You are getting tired nurturing your hamsters
                                         and the food costs are way too big for a student
                                     You kill some of the hamsters and you give less food

                          Day 120: The fittest have survived hard times and developed stronger
                                         Your hamster population has stabilized to 150                                                               
                              Day 130: As another science project you start gene manipulating the
                  hamsters. That means you will improve specific features that help the hamster survive better
                                       In the given environment with food and mating partners

                             Day 300: After raising 10 generations of hamsters you are given a 1 million
                 stipendium and a 10 000 squaremeter big laboratory to your ambitious research in hamsters
                       You also hire your 3 closest friends who you assign different tasks in the research.

                           Day 350: The laboratory is ready. It's build to be natural but it has various areas
            with totally different environments. There are higher places, lower areas, colder and warmer areas
                              places with much light and less light, places with different rival animals
                    This all is done to research how they develop in different environments and their 
                               family tree and alterations in genes are being screened all the time

                        Day 360: You start to manipulating their genes by adding human genes and other
                   animals' genes. This controversial idea fails many times, but in the end you create one
                        specific breed which gains incredible advantage on brain function even though
                                   it isn't physically as strong as the strongest or biggest breeds

           Day 365: Celebrating 1 year anniversary for your hamster project. It all started with 1 hamster
         Now in your 10 000 square meter huge hamster planet laboratory you have 3645 hamsters with
           5 big colonies. Different colonies have all their recognizable appearance in size, colour and
                behaviour. You and your friends also vary all the time the conditions to test your hamsters. 

              Day 500: The 1 breed of hamsters have supergenes and things are getting crazy !!!!!
         After day 360 they have in these 140 days generated 5 generations and they have developed
          soooo much that these incredibly intelligent hamsters have destroyed nearly every other
          hamster colonies and interbred with the females that haven't been killed from other colonies.

           Day 560: The 1 of the 5 original breeds is now the only breed left and they have become
         genetically totally different because of the gene manipulations and their brain capacity has
           grown 3 times bigger than it would be possible in evolution if you would ask mr. Darwin
 The conquering of the "hamster planet laboratory" was due to the intelligence not the physical
 features like strength, speed or size. They were the only ones enable to a organized co-operation.

    Day 600: You notice the hamsters have started to live in a society with roles and tasks for everyone
     They have formed first villages and the hamsters have started to paint the past events to the walls.

       Day 630: The little villages in different parts in the hamster planet have become small cities

     Day 666: First Hamster War, greed is growing the brains of the smart hamsters. They all are from the
some family tree and breet but their appearances are now so different that they don't recognize their sister
      and brother hamsters. The first war is a territorial argument and the big and heavy war has many victims

 Day 700: The war is over, and the winner side has started to build an empire covering for 20% of the
       whole are. A lot of hamster cities have born and they have started to write their history with 
           simple letters. Knowledge from the past days are going to be forwarded in the future.

Day 713: The 10 000 square meter hamster planet laboratory has glass walls that you don't need to go
   inside the territory where your hamsters live. You and your 3 friends are controlling all that's happening
    and observing interestedly what the f#%" is happening in the laboratory

                     Day 730: 2 years has passed. In 1 year the amount of hamsters has
                     risen from 3645 to 25 600 and there are 13 big centres of habitation.

         Day 769: The first hamster dictator puts everyone to work for him and give food as taxes.

    Day 800: You find out in the family tree that dominating hamsters from different colonies are all
               related and have been interbreeding for the whole time there has been a society

   Day 823: You notice how the hamsters have started to stare differently you and your friends through
                the glass walls. You decide to cover the walls that they don't see you

       Day 900: Legends have already spread about the "Giants behind the wall" and the hamsters
          have depicted you and your friends and made statues and some even worshiping them

               Day 926: All the leaders are related and they control the whole hamster society

               Day 933: The leaders know the secret that they are only YOUR science project
               In all terms they try to keep the secret from the 95% of the population they lead.

                Day 950: The best idea ever !! All the regular hamsters are forced to work even though
               there is no need, because of the abundance of environment. That will keep them out of
                                                   realizing what their world really is

               Day 1000: Less and less know the secret. The 5% of the population, the elite hamsters
              know it. A much better idea comes across. Setting up camps where the young hamsters
                  are misled to ignore the truth and make them good workers for the elite hamsters

               Day 1100: All the ancient knowledge is nearly destroyed and those who refer to it
                                  are ridiculed by the whole community as a crazy gerbile
            Day 1150: You and your friends observe the happenings and document it. Although you
                                        cannot understand why the majority of hamsters
                      have become sad and killing themselves with work they wouldn't need to do
              Day 1200: Leaders control the hamster society quietly. They fear when the hamsters
                                     will notice the Truman show where they live in

   Day 1239: In addition to work the elite has their ways to keep the hamster population in string.
                   Their ways are: intoxicating substances, entertainmant and mating services

      Day 1300: The society under control. Every regular hamster is enthusiasted about nonsense
 entertainment like "Hamster shore" or "crazy hamster sports" or devoting whole life to being the
                      number 1 hamster in finding grains in the olympic hamster games

       Day 1500: Hamster population is being confused with so called news, which is a creation to
                                steer the beliefs of the whole vast population.

                        Day 1825: You have 5 years done your research and it is completed now
     You select randomly one hamster because you have a device which allows you to communicate
                                           with it and you can ask why it acted like it acted

                       Random hamster from the laboratory is picked. The hamsters see this like a giant
                                         hand comes from the skies to pick up a hamster

                         The hamster's view of the world in an imaginery interview:

The hamster would be confused about what happened. His whole world and universum was the laboratory where they were researched. His community knew the laboratory well but didn't know their world was just a little closed area in big world of the humans. He couldn't believe it would be true that their world is just a big territorium surrounding with a big world which is surrounded by another worlds. That's because he was raised in a place where everyone else thought the same way. When everyone told this is reality and we all know it. How could you deny it ?

                              " If you repeat a lie enough many times, it becomes real "

This was an imaginery story about hamsters, but could YOU imagine that there might be a possibility that actually you are the hamster yourself ?

I don't know.... Or maybe I know, but I'll not say anything. You should all observe around you ! There might be a lot of things to be revealed. 

 Truman show, end scene where Jim Carrey finds the door from the fake world he was put to live in.


The cage could represent the world where people live, first it was Africa then Asia and Australia and finally the whole world. The cage got bigger all the time, now the Earth is the equivalent to cage and we're expanding to space all the time.
Imagine if the different breeds of hamsters represented different forms of humans, the neanderthals, the cro-magnon and finally the homo sapiens which is the only one left here.

What if the leaders in the world are like those hamsters, big families who control centuries the whole colony. 
Could it be that the media has been used to give partly false information and create a lot of non-sense information which actually starts to be entertaining and more important to us. But yeah... we aren't like those stupid hamsters !

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