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Invisible Emperor

                                      Who's that guy ?

Can you answer me who's that nerd and little bit overweight guy in the picture ? Look carefully, try to remember have you seen him ever. Is he a nobody or what ? Actually.. how does it even matter my life to know every single nerd in the world. Alright he might be some internet guru, WHATEVER !

                                       This guy here is................... FABIAN THYLMANN

                                       So what ? Well this man touches the lifes of nearly 
                                       every single man in the earth who has internet. 

Fabian Thylmann owns the company Manwin. It's an adult entertainment company. This is not a regular company. Manwin is an adult entertainment imperium and Fabian is the king for his big and vast empire which he created himself.

Fabian is the founder, the CEO and the sole share holder of Manwin. (Luxemburg Trade Register)

This is incredible for a guy who was born in 1978 and he's still only 34 years old. Fabian has given only 1 interview ever and he lives with his family in Belgium ooorr... actually this month (december 2012) he was extradited back to Germany because of suspicion on tax evasion. Although he owns the Manwin empire he doesn't live any playboy life like Hugh Hefner for example. Fabian has been married and has 2 kids. I don't know if Fabians kids are boys or girls, but I wonder the feeling his son would have in teenage when Dad shows what his company owns :D

The programmer Fabian made his breakthrough in 1990 when he developed the software NATS. Next-generation Affiliate Tracking Software, which linked up the vast number of internet pornography sites for the first time and enabled visitors to select sex films according to personal preference.

Fabian's comment on his software and company: "Our objective is actually rather banal, we want to create as many opportunities as possible for people to spend money."

                                     Manwin The Empire 

Reality Kings
Digital Playground

They also have co-operation with Wicked Pictures and Playboy. Manages Playboys online and entertainment business Playboy Plus Entertainment.

Manwin owns 35 subsidiaries and employs 1000 people of stuff.

Manwin sites visitors: 
8000 per second
700 million per day
20 billion per month
120 billion per year

These are incredible numbers and so are the profits. The estimation of profits is 60 million pounds in a year, but I think the number can be much bigger.

How can I profit ? 

MyDirtyHobby is for example a site where you can make your profile, download your own pictures and videos and appear in live chats. For every 1 Dollar you get 25 cents. So if you generate 50 000 dollars in a year, you get 12 500 dollars yourself. The site itself takes 75% of the profits. But with this option only extremely hot girls can make money.


YouPorn collected the passwords and email addresses who used the chat in the website. Digital Playground had collected user names, email addresses and passwords and credit card numbers, expiry dates and security codes in March 2012.

This is not unusual at all like we saw in my previous post about spying.

So after knowing this information, what do you think about that nerd there. What's your answer now, has Fabian Thylmann had any impact on your life ?

                                                                                          Molly Cavalli

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