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Top 10 documentaries

I am the Jedi master

I am the wise one 

The enlightened knight of wisdom

I have acknowledged my limitlessness 

Truth seek we should ! 

This wasn't the case always, some times ago my consciousness was limited and I was living in a reality which was manipulated so invisibly that I didn't even notice anything. 

I started watching documentaries for fun. One documentary led me to another and now 65 days later I have watched 125 hours of documentaries and absorbed the wisdoms I learned from them. I have made own notes and investigated how reliable the information has been. 

Most of the documentaries were average and it's good that I saw them, but something was missing. In some cases there was incredible information in documentaries which were made really badly. I regret none of the documentaries to have seen. There are special documentaries which make a great impact on you and they have been also made really professionally, I'll present my Top 10 now. 

Top 10 

1. Propaganda, 1h 37min

NORTH KOREAN documentary film which shows how the North Koreans see the western world. The film was so interesting and well made that it's my absolute favourite of all the documentaries. You will be amazed about this film, I recommend highly to watch it and afterwards investigate the information. Rumours tell that this movie was smuggled from North Korea to be spread over the world. 

2. Inside LSD, 45min

This interesting documentary is about LSD, how it was accidentally created, how it was successfully used to treat mental illnesses and what lead it to be illegalized. I liked how this documentary was made and how it made me feel while I watched it.

3. Zeitgeist The Movie, 2h

Peter Joseph's famous movie introduces the Christ myth theory and a lot of conspiracy theories. The media and economical system are also viewed and different theories are given what's happening in our world behind our vision. Visually amazing for a documentary and the whole movie contains so much diverse and interesting information

4. Inside Job, 1h 45min

2010 made award winning documentary about the 2008 financial crisis and the causes behind it. This revealed me a lot of things I didn't know. That time I knew were little about economic and even the fact that nations don't print their money was a surprise to me. This movie contains a lot of good information and it's good if you already understand the basics about the system.

5. The Union The Business Getting High, 1h 44min

2007 made movie by the Canadian Brett Harvey about the illegal marijuana trade industry. They tell some interesting history about marijuana and hemp and some of the facts are just really surprizing. Joe Rogan and lot of other cool people are interviewed in the film and I enjoyed watching this a lot.

6. The Untold Story of Psychotropic Drugging, 1h 35min

2008 made American documentary about the industry in psychotropic drugs and how psychiatrists prescribe them so much and the horrible causes of this phenomenon to medicate and treat every person with drugs. I couldn't believe everything I heard first, there were a lot of sick stories about people whose lives had been destroyed by psychotropic drugs.

7. What In The World Are They Spraying, 1h 37min

This movie presented the investigation into all aspects of the phenomonen of chemtrails. That means the chemicals that are released from planes to alter weather somehow. If the data in the movie can be verified 100% we everyone should be a bit concerned. This movie caused frustration and after seeing a lot of other movies it's just hard to believe that our kids or grandkids can ever live a good life freely.

8. Global Warming or Global Governance, 1h 22min

This great documentary questions global warming and investigates the facts given in Al Gore's movie An Inconvenient Truth and the IPCC raport about global warming. A lot of proofs are shown how misleading facts we have been given. A couple of decades ago people warned about the ice age and now the same people warn about global warming and they profit a lot of money with it, like Al Gore.

9. The Diamond Empire, 1h 42min

The 1994 made movie about women's best friends: diamonds. The history of diamonds is presented and how it has become the status it has today. The role of Hollywood to create images of rare and glamorous stones which are forever. It was showed how the Oppenheimers got the monopoly on diamonds with their company Anglo American (owns DeBeers). It's good if you have seen also the movie Blood Diamonds, then you have some kind of picture about diamonds.

10. World According to Monsanto, 1h 49min

The French 2008 finished movie shows the actions of Monsanto which were quite disturbing. Monsanto is an agricultural biotechnology corporation. It has a leading role making genetically engineered seeds and herbicides. Monsantos products have caused a lot of law suits around the world and the this company doesn't care about people's health, they care about profits. You should absolutely watch this one ! 

These documentaries are about different topics and it's important to get knowledge how there's a connection between everything. These 10 various documentaries give so much information and when you have seen these it's a good point to start building your knowledge about different areas of our society.

So start learning

share the knowledge

use the information to make a difference

become a jedi master

join the other jedi masters

create a whole legion 

don't fall in the dark side 

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