Sivun näyttöjä yhteensä


Birthday year 2013


Happy birthday to you 

Happy birthday to youuu

Haaaaaapppy birthdayyyyyy deeeaaaaaarrr 



This is an imaginative speach from the alternative future which I hope won't happen

Ladies and gentlemen, I welcome you here in the birth place of the beloved 

trouble child of the financial and banking world. Today we celebrate the 100th 

Birthday of The one and only:    Federal Reserve 

Congratulations !! To be honest I never imagined you would live so long.

100 years is a long time, you were maybe the most wanted child ever if you knew it.

Your parents wanted you sooo much that thinking about it makes me feel so touched. 

You were a child desired to born for over 100 years before your birth. Already in the years 

1791-1811 they tried to create a central bank like you. Your older brother was only 20 years

old when president Madison ended his life. Luckily he corrected his error and allowed your

second older brother to be born 1816. Unluckily the bad and mean Andrew Jackson ended 

his life in 1836. So these were the two big brothers you had, their names were 

First bank of the United States and Second bank of the United States. 

Yeah yeah.. I know, quite unimaginative names. But shame on that Andrew Jackson, 

he's still the only president who paid the national debt completely.

Your parents didn't want to give up, during the free banking era they wanted you so much

that they even purposely created crisis to allow create you. That's what I call dedication !

1910 in Jekyll Island your mighty parents decided to give birth to you, and they planned 

how this would be done. For your luck, they were so rich and powerful the plans were fulfilled

in only 3 years. In the year 1913 one of your parents Woodrow Wilson declared the birth 

of the Federal Reserve and it was 23th of december. Your parents had 2 christmases. 

First in the 23th day and then the 24th day. Unluckily all of your parents weren't that 

happy as you grew and grew bigger. One of your many fathers W. Wilson had obviously

post traumatic stress after giving birth to you and started to regret your birth.

Quite dramatic.

Luckily your other fathers cared and loved you and you were their favourite child ever. 

In fact, your fathers were the mightiest people in the earth with an enormous wealth. 

As a child you surely thought what was your purpose in our chaotic and complex world ?

Publicly they said you were created to our world to stabilize prices, prevent inflation and deflation

strengthen U.S economy in the world economy and bring stability and peace financial system. 

What your fathers didn't want anyone to know ? 

You were a child who was planned to be abused. Your greedy fathers wanted you to bring 

them money from the people. To steal the wealth in an invisible way from the poor and be 

get richer all the time. As you printed the money for the nation, the nation had to pay later

the same amount of money + interest. That means the nation will never be debtless. 

This is the main reason your fathers loved you so much, you made them even richer and

even more powerful. You were the tool for them to take the grip of the whole world's 

financial system.

I think now has come the time for you Federal Reserve, to consider 

about your past 100 years of existence. You have already lived much much longer than 

your 2 big brothers who lived only 20 years each. Isn't it better stop somewhere ? 

Your goals haven't been established and you're taking the world with you to the 

edge of the economical suicide. You're so old that the resurrections take billions 

and still your condition is worsening. Your like a badly build building collapsing any

time ! Actually a domino building which will collapse the world's other big buildings

in a domino effect. Shouldn't we let the nations print their money for their people

and not your already rich fathers ? You haven't stabilized anything, there are still 

recessions, you haven't prevented inflation ! In fact the dollar has lost over 90%

of its value in over 50 years.

You haven't stabilizes U.S or world economy, you

have made the opposite. The resurrection actions grow bigger and bigger and I 

would say it's 100% you will die. The later this time comes, the more painful it gets

for all of us. Already the nation's hero and media's favourite and nobel prize winning 

president Barack Obama has had to increase the debt during his 1th season as a

president from 10 trillion to 16 trillion during 2008-2012 time period. It seems like

you are not wanting to go to the grave, and if you are, you will take the EU with you.

As bad as this sounds, I hope I'll be giving my next speech in your funeral and not in a birthday.

To those who don't know still what I'm talking about, Federal Reserve is a partly private partly state owned central bank. In USA the Federal Reserve is the one who creates all the money people use. 
From thin air it creates the money and lends it to the state. 
In return the state gives bonds to Federal Reserve for the money. Later the state has to pay back the original sum of money + interest. So the state won't ever be debtless in 
this system. Federal Reserve is owned by big banks and big banks are owned by wealthy and powerful banker families. So finally all the money flow to their pockets. They have the privilege to create the nation's money and this gives them a grip over the whole nation. Only 3% of the created money exists physically, 97% exist digitally in bank accounts. 
This year Federal Reserve is going to be 100 years old and it hasn't solved any problems that it was ment to solve. 

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  1. Money is a tool not "God". So you should use it pragmatically: let FedRes print it whenever nation and world need it.
    Like now, when RichYellowBellies will not invest. Print the money needed and give it to the working and entrepreneuring man and let inflation eat the lazy rich!
    Power to the People = Money to the People !!!