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15 Most Dangerous People

The American magazine Wired posted on their website a list of 15 most dangerous people in the world. As a response finnish alternative media Verkkomedia posted their own.



15 World's most dangerous people

Wired (main stream western media)                                        

1. Qassem Suleimani Head of the al-Quds in Iran which is an equivalent for CIA
2. Bashar Assad Syrian president who is accused in the mainstream media for civil war and the usage of chemical weapons.  
3. Joaquin Guzman Mexican druglord, the head of the Sinaloa cartell
4. John Brennan The possible leader for CIA  in the future. Runs the operations in Middle-East against al-Qaida                                                   
5. Mohammed Mursi  Egyptian president who has caused demonstrations and riots with his actions. Is against Israel also.                                          
6. Sheik Ahmed Madobe Commander for the Ras Kambon pricade in Somalia. 
7. China Aviation Industry Corporation lead         

8. Eugene Kaspersky Russian cybersafety mogul     
9. Ahmed Abu Khattala Libyan militant
10. Jeremy Gordon  The guys who revealed problems with the F-22-raptor  planes                                       
11. Capten Josh Wilson        
12. Matthew Dooley          Persons who spread around the hatred for islam                               
13. Mark Basseley    
14. Cody Wilson  A pioneer in manufacturing weapons with a 3D-printer
15. Paula Broadwell  A mistress of a CIA boss                   

Verkkomedia (alternative media)

1. Benjamin Netanyehu Israel's prime minister, controls the mighty Israeli army. Has spread terror in the past and might be a risk factor in Middle-East and the possible start of a new world war.
2. Henry Kissinger Key figure in the U.S politics and Trilateral commission. 
3. David Rockefeller The head of the Rockefeller family, which is one of the most powerful in the world

4. Lord Jacob Rothschild The head of the Rothschild family. Family which owns a big part of the world's wealth. They are family with the Rockefellers through a female bloodline. 

5. Boris Berezovski Russian billionaire who is Putin's well known rival. Fled Russia to London.

6. Barack Obama The American president who has a peace prize. Good reputation and good acting skills makes him a great wolf in a sheep's costume. 

7. Queen Elizabeth The head of the royal family. A key role in the secret societies which try to get a new world order. 

8. Hillary Clinton Secretory of state in the U.S

9. Bill Gates Godfather to eugenics with big donations to Planned Birth association.

10. Hamad ibn isa Al Khalifa King of Bahrain, has treated the population like a dictator. But Bahrain is supported by USA, so nothing can be done even though there is no democracy there.

11. Herman van Rompuy President of the European Council, leads European Union steadily to a federal state. 

12. Moaz al-Khatib Syrian opposition leader who is supported by big oil corporations. 

13. George Soros One of the wealthiest individuals in the world. A key person behind the strategics of the White House. 

14. Shinzo Abe New Japanese prime minister who already started a fight about the Diaoyu islands with China. Is a supporter for nuclear energy. 

15. Mihail Saakashvili Georgian president who is a threat in Caucasus.

 Like you all can see, the lists are very different and that's because every media runs forward a certain agenda an the news are represented in that kind of point of view. The people who own the media don't want to be blamed for anything and they will even change the truth or ignore some information which would be harmful for them. So be really careful with every kind of media, they all have their own agenda and it should be considered who will benefit from what. I think the best way is the read all the points of view there are and make my own statements with the material I have gathered. 

With my knowledge if I have to say if I agree or disagree with these two lists of 15 most dangerous men, I would agree followingly:

Wired 4/15 I would agree to be in the list with my current knowledge
Verkkomedia 10/15 I would also agree with my current knowledge

Send me your opinions and maybe possibilities about your candidates !


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