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New Life Order

The is a new order in my life ! And I'm going to write about my observations what I've been learning to this blog.

This all began 2 months ago when I decided to start reading about economics and everything else connected with the subjects I was studying. What was revealed over period of time was unimaginable.

My whole view for the entire world changed. I magically woke up from the bubble where I didn't even consider myself to live. I'm not saying these things easily, I have been reading 3000 pages of books, 80 documentaries and the total duration of them all is 85 hours and all the background studies which is maybe 30-50 hours in these last 2 months.

If you read this blog I know you're going to learn a lot of things. I hope you'll forward the knowledge to others too. I hope also that you will correct me if there are some mistakes that can be proven wrong !
Some crazy stuff is happening all the time and is going to happen in the future. These things will affect all of us.

All the people reading this, come join me, escape from the bubble !! 

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