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TOP 5 NEWS, things in the world NOW

Here I introduce shortly the 5 biggest things to my opinion which will affect all our lives somehow. I will later one by one write posts considering about these themes. There I will tell more backgrounds and explain better everything.

1. European Union

There are 2 big things happening in eurozone. The integration of EU and the problems with EU currency euro. The whole eurozone is struggling with economic problems. The integration means that industrial, political, legal and economic decisions are more and more made in the EU government. Even now the EU decides what different countries can legally, industrially and politically do in a very great extent. Where we are heading now is the complete integration where countries loose their suvereignity.
Later larger post about the european union, the history, the purpose, the euro and the economy and politics in EU !

 2. Middle-East - ww 3

Middle-East is the hottest topic in the world now ! Especially what happens in Iran and Syria are crucial for the whole humankind if the worst rumours are true and if the worst case scenario happens. Iran is surrounded of countries with U.S army military bases. Syria is in a civil war and the backgrounds are suspicious. The whole western world with USA and Israel are on the opposition's side. Russia, Iran and Libya with current leader Assad's side. Also the riots in Yemen, Bahrain and Egypt have been conserning. Also other countries in that area are in a bad situation which is day by day escalating.
Later many posts about the Middle-East !

3. USA gun laws 

 Gun laws have been on the topic after what happened Sandy Hook. The thing is that... we don't know for sure what has in reality happened in Sandy Hook. The main stream media has many different versions about this and the alternative media has some too.
I will post you later something about this interesting subject. I will give you both versions. You can decide who you believe in !

4. Dollar collapse

The markets have gradually abandoned the dollar in trading for the last couple of years and it won't improve either. A lot of speculations have rosen when will it collapse and will this start hyperinflation first in the USA and then continue to China and EU and after that the whole world.
Later a post about the dollar and world markets !

 5. Internet restrictions

 Sopa which means Stop Online Piracy Act is in the 2011 introduced act which allows the authorities to controll the content of the internet better. The authorities could censor any websites they consider breaking the law which SOPA is trying to create. There has been a lot of controversy about the SOPA treaty. Also ACTA is an treaty which tries to get more censorship. ITU is a union which is responsible for information and communication technologies. It is in ITU meetings where the internet treaties are also decided. 
Later a larger post about internet restrictions !

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